All Centerstone policies are reviewed at least once a year by senior leadership. Policies with a RED file icon are new, and policies with a YELLOW file icon have been recently revised. Policies retain new/revised status for three months after they are published.

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Section 01 - Administration Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Cultural Competency and Diversity File
Accessibility to Services File
Reasonable Accomodations File
Leadership Delegation of Authority File
Timesheet Summary Approval File
Public Relations and Corporate Citizenship File
Credentialing Policy File
Access for Speech and/or Hearing Impaired File
Audit Response File
Assignment of Office Space File
Performance Management and Improvement File
Leadership File
Handicap Accessibility File File
Input from Stakeholders File
Dress Code - Vantage Way File
Volunteers File
Medicare ABN File
Single Case Agreement File
Dress Code File
Approval and Revision of Policies and Procedures File
Mobile Device File
Contracting to Provide Clinical Services File
Section 02 - Human Resources Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Staff Training Policy File
Delegated Credentialing File
Tuition Reimbursement File
Human Resources Policies & Procedures File File
Human Resources Staff Recognition Departure File
Section 03 - Technology and Information Services Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Section 04 - Compliance Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Compliance/Privacy Officer Duties and Responsibilities File
Compliance Program Records Management File
Employee Compliance Training File
Chief Compliance Officer Duties and Responsibilities File
Centerstone Billing File
Individual and/or Contractual Business Relationships File
Oversight and Administration of Corporate Compliance Program File
Amendment of the Compliance Program or Policies File
Voluntary Disclosure to Third Party Payers File
Handling Unannounced Visits by Government Investigators File
Investigation of Compliance Issues File
Compliance Committee Duties and Responsibilities File
Duty to Report and Internal Mechanisms File
Centerstone Code of Conduct Policy File
Corporate Responsibility and Compliance Program File
Compliance Committee and Program Confidentiality File
Section 05 - Legal/Fraud and Abuse Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Reporting Under the Illinois FOID Act File
Fraud and Abuse File File File
Response to Searches By Government Law Enforcement File
Responding to Subpoenas and Court Orders File File File
Section 06 - Financial Management Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Federal Block Grant Assurances File
Government Returns File
Interest on DHS Grant Funds File
Notes Payable File
Progress Note and Billing Documentation Verification File
Property and Equipment File
Purchase of Corporation Supplies File
Segregation and Reporting of Funding Scores File
Signature Stamps File
Disbursement of Corporation Funds File
Purchasing Methods File
Flower Criteria File
Bad Debt File
Annual Budget Development and Monitoring Process File
Mileage Reimbursement File
Travel Reimbursement Policy and Procedure File
Accounts Payable Direct Deposits File
Overpayments Credit Balance File
Purchasing of Supplies, Materials and Equipment File
Client Collections Process File
Account Adjustments File
Short-Term Investment Policy File
Banking and Cash Management File
Corporate Credit Cards File
Client Assistance Discount Policy File File File
Insurance Coverage of Liability Risks File
Accounting Records File
Annual Audit File
Bidding Policy File
Cash and Cash Management File
Cash Receipts File
Charging of Costs to Federal Awards File
Completion of Early Intervention Billing Forms File
Contractual Agreements, Contract Proposals/Renewals, & Grant Applications File
Corporation Fiscal Reports File
Credit Cards/Purchasing Cards File
General Ledger & Chart of Accounts File
Collection of Bad Debt for Clinically Fragile Individuals File
Representative Payee File
Management of Representative Payee Accounts File File
Account Code Combinations for Expense File
Capitalized Asset Tracking File
Audit File
Cash Control and Fraud File
Working Capital and Contingency Funds File
Confidentiality of Client Financial Information File
Section 07 - Health Information Management Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Obtaining Hospital Discharge Documentation File
Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information File
Secure Transport of Medical Records File
Client Review of Records File
Scanning Records to Health Information Management File
Retention and Destruction of Medical Records File File File
Designated Record Set (DRS) File File
Routine Coordination of Care Disclosures File
Obtaining Proof of Decision-Making Authority File
Charges for Disclosure of Medical Records File
Legal Health Record (LHR) File File
Records of Persons Served File File File
Section 08 - Privacy and Security Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Access Control File
Information System Activity Review File
Workstation Security File
External Data Reporting File
Assigned Security Responsibility File
IT Risk Analysis and Risk Management File
Identify, Approve/Establish Access & Termination to e-PHI File
Receipt and Removal of Hardware and Software and Media Controls File
Equipment Use File
Computer Use File
Facility Access Controls File
Business Associate Agreements under HIPAA, HITECH, and 42 CFR Part2 File
Electronic Communication File
Password Policy File
Retention and Destruction of Protected Health Information File
Privacy and Security Training and Awareness Requirements File
Off Site Computer Use File
HIPAA Contingency Planning File
Security Incident Response File
Security Evaluation File
Integrity of e-PHI/Integrity Controls File
Video and or Audio Recording of Client Interactions File
Right to Request Amendment of Protected Health Information File
Client Right to Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information File
Business Document Destruction File
Privacy and Security Evaluation File
Sharing De-Identified Data File
Minimum Necessary Requirement for the Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information File
Breach Notification File
Confidential Treatment of Grant Proposal Materials File
Security Sanctions File
Provision of Privacy Notice File
Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information File File
Blocking Employee Access to Client Information File
Rights to Request Restriction of Use and Disclosure File
Clients' Access to Their Protected Health Information File File
Confidential Communication by Alternative Means File
Section 09 - Infection Control Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Procedure File
Reporting Communicable Diseases to Health Authorities File
Disposal of Used Syringes, Needles and Razor Blades File
Tuberculosis Screening and Management File File
Testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) File
Testing for Hepatitis C Virus File
Personal Protective Equipment and Engineering Controls File
Tuberculosis Testing for Staff File
Prevention of Spread of Communicable Illness File
Eating and Drinking in Workplace File
Hand Washing File File
Universal Precautions and Protective Equipment File File
Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens File File
Management of Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids File
Hepatitis B Vaccination for Employees File
Infection Control Program File File
Body Fluid Specimen Collection File
Influenza Prevention Program File
Pediculosis (Lice) Protocol File
Cleaning and Sanitizing Toys and Furniture File
Handling, Storing, Transporting and Disposing of Potentially Contaminated Materials File
Infectious Disease Reporting File
Section 10 - Marketing Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Centerstone Donations and Sponsorships File
Crisis Communication File
Special Events and Activities Protocol File
Publications and Marketing Materials File
Website Policy File
Organizational Identity Graphic Standards File
Marketing and Public Relations Office Overview File
Crisis Communication Protocol File
Media Relations File
Section 12 - Rights of Clients Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Client Rights File File File
Advanced Directives File
Informed Consent File
Responding to Complaints File File File
Limitation or Involuntary Termination of Treatment File
Provider Initiated Delay, Denial, Reduction, Suspension or Termination of Services (Grier Consent Decree) File
Title VI Compliance Rights and Responsibilities File
Section 13 - Clinical Operations Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Duty to Predict, Warn or Take Precautions to Provide Protection File File
Consent for Treatment File
Coordination of Care File
Delivery of Services File
Forensic Services File
Individual Service Planning File
Language Translation and Communication Assistance File
Managing Client No Shows File
Orientation to Services File
Reassessment File
Supervision of Clinical Staff File
Telehealth Services File
Transition/Discharge Planning File
Waiting List Management File
Administrative Discharges from Service File
Managing Disruptive Behavior File
Assessment File
Crisis Services File
Change of Practitioner File
Coordination of Care File
Assessment File
Telehealth Services File File
Quality Record Review File
Supervisor Audit Process File
Timeliness of Clinical Documentation File
Assignment of Clinical Care Coordinator File
Requesting an Alternative Clinician File
Gambling Services File
Transition/Transfer of Clinical Care File
Waiting List File File
Treatment Planning / Review and Discharge Planning File
Discharge From Clinical Care File File
External Referrals File
Reporting Suspected Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation File File
Regulatory Compliance for External Referrals File File
Risk Assessment and Crisis Planning File File
Adminstrative Closing of Clinical Records
Services to Individuals at High Risk for Substance Abuse File
Management of Aggressive or Assaultive Behavior File File
Access to Emergency Services File File
Re-admission to Treatment File
Admission, Discharge, Transition, and Exclusionary Criteria File
Client and Family Education File
Clinical Documentation Practices File
Admission Criteria File
Follow-up on No Shows File
Coordination of Emergency Involuntary Admission to Inpatient Treatment File
Client Transfers File
13 Medication Prescriptions to Women in Reproductive Age Group File
Social Security Disability Appeal Assessment File
Access to Services File File
Assessment of Mental Capacity File
Transition Planning File
Authority to Diagnosis File
EPSDT Policy File
Limitation of Treatment File
Unified Care Plan File
Reporting of Psychiatric Hospitalizations File
Consent for Treatment File
Clinical Supervision - TN/ Supervision Requirements and Provider Qualifications - IN File File
Re-Opening Cases for Individuals that Have Had a Face-to-Face Contact within 180 Days File File
Administrative Closing of Clinical Records File
Section 14 - Medication Use Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Clozaril Monitoring File
Intranasal Naloxone Use File
Naloxone Use File
Glucometer Blood Sugar Screening File
Medical Support Services by Nursing Staff File
Medical Call Coverage File
Protocol for Refilling Medications between Appointments File
Guidelines for Handling Samples & PAP Medication File
Anaphylactic Shock File
Documentation of Monthly Medication Administration Record (MAR) File
Medication Safe Handling and Disposal File
Medication Management Plan File
Medication Errors File
Documentation of Patient Medications File
Adverse Drug Reactions File
Staff Training Related to Medication Management File
Definition of Medication Practices File
Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Reactions File
Medication Reconciliation Across the Continuum of Care File
Peer Review Process File
Management of Medication Monitoring File
Medication Prescription and Administration File
Controlled Substance Medications File
Guidelines for Assisted Administration of Medications File
Coordination of Medical Services with Other Healthcare Providers File
Obtaining Medications for Uninsured Clients File
Observation of Self-Administration of Medication File
Medication Formulary File
Pharmacological Services for Children/Youth File
Scheduling Evaluation in Medical Services File
Preparations of Medication Boxes for Client Self-Administration of Medication File
Administering Waived Testing File
17 Medication Observation File
01 Referral to Medical Services REV File
00 Table of Contents REV File
02 Pre-Medication Administration Nursing Assessment File
03 Medication Ordering and Prescribing File
04 Physicians Standing Order File
05 Medication Recall and Disposal System File
06 Medication Administration for Clients who Receive Long Acting Neuroleptics File
07 Medication Monitoring and Training File
08 Monitoring for Medication-Induced Permanent Movement Disorder File
09 Medication Error File
10 Ordering of Laboratory Services File
11 Investigational Medications File
12 Sample Medication File
14 Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (PAP) File
15 Pre-Doctor Visit Nursing Assessment File
15-1 Vital Statistics Log File
16 Peer Review of Prescribing Practices File
16-A Prescribing Practices Evaluation Matrix File
Receipt and Distribution of Safety Net Medications File
Urine Drug Screens File File
Nursing Injection Clinic File
Informed Consent for Treatment with Psychotropic Medications File
Sharps Disposal File
Section 15 - Health and Safety Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Staff Safety for Off Site Services File
Securing Weapons for Suicidal/Homicidal Clients File
Caller Who Is Potentially Suicidal File
Exposure to Hazardous Material File
Adverse Occurrence and Incident Reporting File File
Physical Plant Maintenance Safety File
Safe Operation & Maintenance of Agency Vehicles File
Staff Safety Incident Review Team File
Staff Competencies for Health and Safety File
Pets and Service Animals File
Emergency Drills and Procedures File
Critical Incident Response File
Vehicle Policy for Centerstone Vehicles File
Staff Safety for Off Site Services File
Handling of Legal and Illegal Drugs File File
Pets and Service Animals File File File
Emergency Preparedness File File File
Tobacco Use File File File
Management of Bed Bugs File
Vehicle Policy for Personal Vehicles File File
Weapons on Premises File File
Incident Reporting and Review File
Staff, Client, and Visitor Safety File File
Emergency Medical Information File
Health and Safety Committee File
Hazard Communication and Materials Safety File
Machine Operation and Process Management File
Emergency Warning Equipment File
Lifting, Moving, and Ladder Safety File
Machine Safety File
Facility Communication - Safety Meetings File
Transportation Services File
Utility Systems File
Security Management File
Management of Weapons on Premises File
Health and Safety Practices File
Handling, Storing, Transporting and Disposing of Hazardous Chemicals File
Handling, Storing, Transporting and Disposing of Biohazardous Materials File
Inclement Weather File
Section 16 - CRI Research Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Research Conduct Policy File
Research Related Sentinel Events and Adverse Occurrences File
Internal Research Advisory Comittee File
Section 17 - Foundation Services Back To Top
Policy America Illinois Indiana Tennessee
Database Users and Permissions File