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Our Service Standards

Each of us is responsible for delivering a superior customer experience. Whether we’re interacting with clients, fellow staff members, vendors or community partners, everything we do contributes to delivering care that changes people’s lives, and exceptional customer service is an expectation for all of us. How do we ensure the same standard of exceptional care in every interaction? What behaviors are needed to achieve those results consistently?

Centerstone’s Service Standards describe the behaviors needed to consistently deliver care that changes people’s lives. These standards help us keep in mind what is expected of us and what our priorities are. The service standards also provide a framework for us to freely and responsibly make decisions during uncommon or challenging situations.

Our service standards are:


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  1. Safety & Security
    • Create a safe environment where people feel free from harm
    • Maintain an environment that minimizes hazards
    • Maintain confidentiality in customer/individual interactions
    • Promote an environment that fosters open communication
  1. Hospitality
    • Treat customers as welcome guests
    • Interact with customers respectfully, without judgment
    • Infuse customer interactions with warmth and compassion
    • Look for ways to further assist each customer
  1. Responsiveness
    • Acknowledge the customer promptly
    • Listen carefully to ensure true understanding of the customer’s need
    • Proactively seek answers or solutions for problems / issues
  1. Customer Convenience
    • Ensure access that meets customer expectations
    • Seek ways to accommodate unique customer needs
    • Conduct customer interactions efficiently
  1. Follow-through
    • Own the request or issue
    • Follow-up with customers until connected
    • Communicate updates and progress clearly and frequently
    • Persist in seeking solutions even when encountering obstacles

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