Tracking Well with the Future of Health Care

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Bob Vero | Tennessee | Feb. 07, 2019

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karen Rhea, VP of Quality Improvement Dr. Brad Nunn, and I attended the 2019 Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Quality Conference last week in Baltimore.

Our participation is a testament to your great work; the invitation came in acknowledgement of our recognition as a “CMS Exemplar Practice.”

(See the challenge coin CMS presented to us late last year)

Centerstone is part of the CMS Practice Transformation Network, a peer-based learning network designed to coach, mentor and assist clinicians in developing core competencies specific to practice transformation. Its “Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative” aims to help 140,000+ health care practices further develop comprehensive quality improvement strategies in the next four years.

For perspective, Centerstone was one of just six recognized behavioral health exemplar practices at the CMS conference. Again, that tells me our organization is already tracking well with emerging trends in the larger healthcare industry and is seen as an influencer — an encouragement to us all!

As for the buzz at this CMS conference, I can sum it up with three distinct three-word phrases:

  • Healthcare’s Quadruple Aim – there’s much talk about (1) enhancing patient experience, (2) improving population health/patient outcomes (3) improving provider satisfaction/life balance
  • Value Based Care – discussions continue to focus on “the development and deployment of products, services and integrated solutions that improve patient outcomes per dollar spent in the healthcare system.”
  • Alternative Payment Models – “Fee for Service” reimbursement is viewed as simply unsustainable; payers, providers and patients need to share both risk and reward.

Looking at the big picture, we know success in health care delivery takes a talented and committed team, and it takes being part of our larger Centerstone family. The conversations we’re having in Tennessee and at the enterprise level are clearly mirroring those mentioned above at the Medicaid and Medicare level – and we know what CMS does is a forecast for what’s to follow among commercial providers.

My sincere thanks to everyone in our organization for the great work you are doing here. We know where the future of healthcare is headed, and I’m confident that with your contributions, we’ll continue to keep pace with those changes and be a leader among organizations without compromising quality or our commitment to delivering care that changes people’s lives.

Bob Vero
Regional CEO, Tennessee