UpToDate, Drug Database and Education Tool, Now Available for Centerstone Staff

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Center for Clinical Excellence | America | Feb. 06, 2019

Centerstone staff can now access one of the best resources available: UpToDate.

This new tool aids staff in researching conditions and diagnoses affecting their clients’ lives with evidence-based answers while also providing clinical recommendations for the course of treatment.

UpToDate works by giving employees access to a drug and drug interaction database. This will allow staff to be better informed on the medications being used by clients leading to more informed treatment recommendations and decisions.

UpToDate is free for Centerstone employees and provides a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate decision-support tool that also allows staff to earn continuing education units while accessing the system.

Centerstone strives to provide its employees with access to the best resources and support in order to help them achieve our noble purpose of delivering care that changes people’s lives.

Registering for UpToDate is simple and the account is free to all Centerstone employees.

When you register, you must be at a Centerstone location and connected to the Centerstone network.

Staff can register by clicking the UpToDate link within their electronic health record and completing the registration form there. Following the registration process, staff will be set up with single sign on between the two systems. Staff can also register at the UpToDate website.

Once registered, staff can download the mobile app by searching for “UpToDate” in the app store. Sign in for mobile will be the same username and password created during registration.

Please note again when you register, you must be at a Centerstone location connected to the Centerstone network, or the system will not connect you to the Centerstone license. In addition, after you have registered, you must sign into the system while at a Centerstone location connected to the Centerstone network once every 89 days to keep your account active. If the 89 days pass and you have not been able to log in, UpToDate will not work again off-site until the next time you log in at a Centerstone location connected to the Centerstone network.

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