Performance Review Time in Indiana

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Human Resources | Indiana | Feb. 04, 2019

Indiana is proud to re-introduce a formalized performance review process to our staff!

Employees and managers alike have inquired, and we are excited that Feb. 2019 will be the time that all staff in Indiana will receive a review a job performance based review!

We understand that there are many questions you may have, but rest assured that the process we use is simple, quick and effective. Just fill out a form with your manager – just two pages long. This allows for both employee and manager input. All employees will be rated on eight core areas and job specific KPIs. The goal is to open and keep communication lines flowing! As we move toward an enterprise framework for performance review, we did not want to miss the opportunity to increase the communication between our managers and staff.

Q: Who needs a review?

A: Everyone!

If you have not had a formal/documented review since February 2018, your supervisor will be sitting down with you to capture 2018 on the new form. If you have had a formal/documented review since February 2018, it should be submitted to Human Resources as soon as possible. Anyone employed for over four months must have a performance review on file!

If you have been hired since November 2018, your 90 day review form must be submitted to Human Resources as soon as possible. 

Q: When is this taking effect?

A: February 2019!

All reviews must be completed by Feb. 28, 2019. If you have not had a review since February 2018, your manager will sit down with you this month to discuss your work-related accomplishments and professional growth throughout the last year.

New hires since November 2018 will have a 90 day review to assess their progress.

Q: Why do we need performance reviews?

A: Every employee of Centerstone deserves to know how they are currently performing and understand how to build a professional toolkit to get to the next level of professional success.

Review the form here!

Send any questions you have to Human Resources.