Workday Weekly Spotlight - Must Do, Know, and Remember - Week of Jan. 21

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Workday | America | Jan. 23, 2019

Must Do in Workday

Review your pay slip.  Your net pay may be different this year because of new benefits elections for 2019.  

Consult the Review Benefits Elections job aid for instructions on how to view an itemized list of benefits elections being deducted from your paycheck.   

Note: Your 403(b) contributions are not reflected in dollar value in Workday, only as a percentage of your gross pay. You’ll need to do a little math to verify the total amount reflected on your pay slip is correct.  

If you find that the amount being deducted is incorrect, e-mail


Must Know in Workday

Mileage reimbursement requests submitted and approved by Tuesday (see Create Expense Report –Travel) should be deposited by Friday.

To get a better read-out of your hours worked, absences and holidays entered, click on the
printer icon in the upper right of the screen to generate a printable weekly calendar view of your time sheet.


Employees – only a manager can add a floating holiday to your timesheet.

Managers – you can add a floating holiday to your staff’s timesheets through the Enter Absence action in the Team Time worklet.

If you have been approved for time off, you will receive an inbox task encouraging you to delegate business processes you are responsible for during your time away from work. While delegation is a useful feature, it is not required. To clear the Delegation message from your inbox, click on the Submit button within the message.

Managers:  Delegate specific business processes to a peer or superior. You should not delegate tasks to your manager without prior consultation with your supervisor.

Beware of selecting the “All Business Processes” option, it will allow your delegate to see and act on all tasks within your Workday inbox, including personal ones.  (see Request Delegation Change)

Must Remember in Workday

E-mail for ALL questions and concerns related to Workday. The Help Desk will route your questions and concerns to the correct department for resolution.

Exception: If you have a concern related to your pay that requires disclosing sensitive or confidential information, please email

Also remember: you can see all training documents related to Workday on The Source. While you're on The Source, in the left menu, just click At Your Service > Workday > How to Use Workday.

Training Update

Recording of live Demos and Q&A Sessions are posted to The Source:

Additional Q&A sessions on time entry and absence will be scheduled soon, be on the lookout for an announcement.

Revised/New Job Aids and Videos
The following job aids and videos have been added to the training page.  Be sure to consult the latest version on the Source.

• Create Requisition: Part 1 and Part 2
Verify Procurement Card Transactions
• Create Expense Report: Travel and Non-Travel

Job Aids
Approve Customer Invoice
Create Receipt
Verify Procurement Card Transaction
Extend Job Offer
Change (employee’s) Job

You can see all training documents related to Workday on The Source. While you're on The Source, in the left menu, just click At Your Service > Workday > How to Use Workday.

Have Questions About Workday?

Send an email to and we'll help you out!

You can also check out the Workday page on The Source for everything you need to know about Workday.