Bomb Threat

Upon receipt of a bomb threat, the person receiving the call should make every attempt to:

  • Prolong the conversation.
  • Identify background noises.
  • Note distinguishing voice characteristics.
  • Interrogate the caller as to description of bomb - where it is, when it will explode.
  • Determine the caller’s knowledge of the facility.

Notify the Clinic Manager and Office Manager who will immediately alert the police.

  • The Clinic Manager will decide whether to evacuate the building.
  • If what appears to be a bomb is found DO NOT TOUCH IT.
  • Staff and clients should evacuate to a safe distance from building.
  • Keep all clients and staff together in a safe area and wait until first responders arrive.
  • After all staff and clients have been evacuated, all utilities should be turned off.
  • Any staff member who is aware of a suspect (disgruntled staff member or client) should notify the Office Manager/ Clinic Manager, or their immediate supervisor immediately.
  • Clinicians should account for their clients. Supervisors should account for their staff.
  • As you evacuate, visually scan your work area, hallways, and open doorways for suspicious objects and packages. Do not move any furniture or open desk drawers.
  • DO NOT touch or attempt to move any strange objects / packages.
  • Report any suspicious object and / or packages to fire department and law enforcement personnel.

Only re-enter the facility when it has been cleared by law enforcement and/or fire department.