Medical Emergency

A medical emergency is a medical event in which there is a compromise of one’s ability to function due to an acute physical problem. Examples include, but are not limited to, loss or alteration of consciousness, seizures, debilitating pain.

When an employee or client has a medical emergency, the first person to become aware of the emergency will be responsible to:

  • Call 911 or instruct another employee to do so immediately – Procuring an ambulance is the first priority.
  • Call available medical staff to location of the effected individual by announcing “Code Blue” to the location of the emergency.
  • Provide first aid to the emergency victim (Note: First Aid training is a prerequisite.)
  • Maintain communication by phone with the EMT while they are en route.
  • Maintain visual contact at all times with the individual experiencing the emergency.
  • Direct clients and employees away from the emergency victim.
  • Provide emotional support to the victim until the EMT personnel arrive.
  • Assemble victim’s personal belongings.
  • Try to obtain valid ID and emergency contacts from the victim, if possible.
  • Contact family or emergency contact to inform of the emergency and to which hospital the victim has been transported.
  • If the victim is a client, the Office Manager, or other designated person, will notify the client’s treatment team of the emergency.
  • If the victim is experiencing a serious allergic reaction and/or anaphylactic shock, AND nursing personnel is on site, immediate medical assistance will be provided.
  • Review Emergency Medical Information on file in front office if staff member is the victim; review medical history in EHR if client is victim.