Marketing and Public Relations

The Centerstone Marketing and Public Relations department serves as the communications hub for our multiple organizations. This team serves as our own marketing and public relations agency, communicating to internal and external audiences.

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Marketing and Public Relations staff:

Corporate Communications

Debbie Cagle
Chief Marketing Officer
(615) 463-6672

Natalie Stone
VP of Corporate Communications
(615) 460-4119
(615) 476-7107 (cell)
(615) 463-6603 (fax)

Michael Rivera
Senior Graphic Designer
(615) 463-6667
(615) 463-6603 (fax)

Alexandra Cope
Graphic Design Specialist
(618) 462-2331

Zain Syed
Web Content Specialist
(615) 463-6653

Johnel Reid
VP of External Affairs


Cathy Hendrix
Director of Online Communications
(615) 463-6626 
(615) 906-1917 (cell)
(615) 463-6603 (fax)

Trenay Bynum
Communications Manager
(615) 460-4175
(615) 463-6242 (fax)

Mara Naylor
Marketing Communications
(615) 460-4091

James Wilson
Web Developer
(615) 463-4164


Shawny Robey
COO of Centerstone Florida
(941) 782-4326


Shannon White
VP of External Affairs
(502) 589-8615 x1355
(502) 724-7286 (cell)
(502) 589-8614 (fax)

Emily Kiefer
Director of Communications
(502) 589-8615 x1297
(502) 589-8614 (fax)

Stacie Kizer
Communications and
Outreach Manager 
(502) 589-8615 x1259


Anne Tyree
VP of Marketing and
Business Development
(618) 462-2331

Chelsea Boyles
Marketing Specialist
(618) 462-2331 x1787

Jocelyn Popit
Marketing Communications
(855) 608-3560 x7830


Scott Lewellen 
Director of Marketing and
Public Relations 
(765) 318-1406
(317) 834-8196 (fax)

Clare Bond
Marketing Specialist 
(765) 238-8248
(812) 376-4875 (fax)


Elliot Pinsly 
Director of Marketing and
Business Development
(615) 460-1254
(615) 218-9826 (cell)

Ashleigh Hall
Marketing Coordinator
(615) 460-4592
(615) 693-2420 (cell)

David Schrader
Public Relations Manager
(615) 460-4148
(615) 406-8232 (cell)


Potential Media Issues

If you become aware of an issue (client, staff or otherwise) that has the potential for being made public in the media, immediately contact your Marketing and Public Relations department head or the Vice President for Corporate Communications. Do not speak with media and please refer them to your Marketing and Public Relations department.

If the issue is pressing, call your Marketing and Public Relations head on their cell phone to make the report (list is above). You may be asked to email details of your conversation. Always inform your supervisor of potential media issues.

The Source

Please read the User Guide to The Source for a brief overview of its features and content.

For questions regarding The Source, please contact Zain Syed, Web Content Specialist. You can reach Zain by email at or by phone at (615) 460-6653. For difficulty reaching the site or downloading content, please contact the Help Desk.

Printing and Graphic Design Requests

Centerstone employs talented graphic designers who are available to design and arrange the printing of a variety of promotional materials. Projects include brochures, flyers, invitations, programs, newsletters, booklets, etc. To discuss your materials development request, please contact the marketing lead for your state. Please submit your requests as far in advance as possible.

Please note: per policy, all marketing and promotional materials developed for distribution in the community setting must be approved by the marketing office. Please contact your marketing office representatives with any questions.


Printed Materials and Display Rentals

The marketing offices maintain tabletop displays and various materials available for checkout when staff are representing the organization at health fairs, conferences, etc. Please give at least two weeks notice when possible — this will allow ample time to prepare your request as well as keep stock available for other needs. Please contact your marketing lead with your requests.

Promotional Items

Centerstone has an online store with apparel and promotional items. If you would like something custom or if you think other employees could benefit from something being added to the store, contact the marketing department and we'll help to work out the details.

Ordering Business Cards

Employees in the West Region should contact Chrissy Wedel with business card requests or questions. Employees in the South Region, please contact Ryan Lawrence. At the time of order, please specify quantity, provide supervisor approval and include the coding information for billing.

If you would like to have business cards made, please fill out and send this form to Susan Points, Graphic Design Specialist, at Please be sure that all areas of the form have been completed. 

Employees need to place an order in Lawson in addition to completing the business card order form here. If you need assistance, please contact Mary Holder, Purchasing Manager.

Tennessee and Centerstone Research Institute
Click here for instructions on ordering business cards in Tennessee.